Serving Size    53 kg

Servings Per Container    1

Amount Per Serving
Calories  413000 Calories from Fat  103250
% Daily Value*
Food Justice100%
* Percent Daily Values are based on an arbitrary diet and are not meant to be taken literally. Please do not actually eat me.

About Me

At Hampshire College, I study nutrition, health, and graphic design. My thesis is titled (M)eat: Innocent Until Proven Guilty. It's basically a review of the literature surrounding red meat and human health.

For me, food and health have always been connected. I have food allergies, so I grew up understanding, at the most basic level, that the things I ingested (or didn't ingest) would have a direct impact on my well-being. While I practiced reading by scanning nutrition labels for potential allergens, I also began to appreciate the complexity of processed foods.

I care about food and I care about health. I think it's important for everyone to have at least a basic understanding of nutrition. Currently my research focuses on how red meat has been portrayed as a "bad food" even though the truth is more complicated. It's important that we continue to question what we think we know about food, so that we can continue to learn more about how our bodies work. We need to rethink the way we produce, advertise, and consume food - both for our health and for the health of our planet. So, my goal is simple. I aim to help foster positive attitudes about food and health. I aim to educate people about healthful eating habits and to illustrate the impact of our food choices to our planet, our societies, and our bodies.

In addition to food and health, graphic design is another passion of mine. While I've only started somewhat recently, I'm trying to design as many things as I can - partially to learn tricks of the trade and partially because it's so fun! Ideally, I would spend all day brainstorming different ways to represent ideas, coming up with logos, and laying out publications. It's hard to do that and a thesis, so I'm hoping to find a job as a graphic designer after I graduate in a few months..

In my spare time, I enjoy photography. While I mostly photograph still life and nature, I love that I have the ability to capture moments in time, and want to expand into candid photography. I just got a Nikon FM10 that I'm learning how to use, so stay tuned for my future black and white film projects!

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Alternative Photography

Coming soon!

My submission to the Hampshire College Commencement Poster contest

The logo for the Hampshire College Graduate Gift Challenge

I designed the logo for Trext, a software startup founded by Hampshire students and an Amherst student. I also took their portraits, provided some background photos, and made business cards for them.

Picharts is a raspberry-pi based medical record system designed to work without reliable internet connection in developing countries. It was developed in a 24-hour period in an International Development Hackathon, and won a prize. I was the designer on the team - I developed the name, designed the logo, and designed these mockups for the website.

This is an infographic I developed as part of a summer internship for my senior thesis project. It's still ongoing, but this infographic is the first in a series of visuals designed to help improve understanding about red meat. Please click the image in order to see the full-sized infographic!