I'm a graphic designer, photographer, and front end web developer with a background in health and science. At the end of my third year of college (where I took mostly science and nutrition courses) I got a summer design internship at a local health literacy firm for my senior thesis that made me realize how much I enjoyed being a part of a creative team. So, I did as much I could to keep learning during my last year at Hampshire. After I graduated, I became a part-time design associate at that company I interned for initially, and was also a design intern at a web development firm. I had also started learning how to write HTML/CSS, in order to make my first portfolio site. Learning basic web development skills caused me to be excited about UX design and programming. So, in my free time, I'm learning Javascript on Codecademy.

My hobbies include cooking, photography, designing icons, and more recently, restoring old photos. Between cats and dogs, I prefer dogs. I don't have a favorite food (because there's too much to choose from), but my favorite drink is green tea.

Click here to download my resume.

Want to work with me? Need a photo restored? Interested in buying me a cup of green tea? Send me a message!

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